Berlimo is a brand new Berlin based workshop.

Project goals
Develop a unique Logo, which would indicate the company services along with the specific area the company serves.

Creative solution
From the start of the project we decided to use associations with the local landmarks, known to the general public all over the world, to give it the sense of architectural significance and uniqueness to the each piece of work finished at Berlimo workshop . As such symbol the Brandenburg Gate perfectly meet all the needs, making it possible to use its’ shape in Logo Mark.  As a result, the supporting columns of the Gate were replaced by typical workshop tools, which symbolize the workshop business being held up by the tools, as the roof is held up by columns. During the later stage the typeface for the Logo Signature was developed and integrated into the shape of the Gate, thus fulfilling the whole Logo concept and giving start to a new local brand.
Thanks for watching and your appreciation!
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